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Apps For Bars

Are you spending money on local newspaper advertising, no need with our apps for bars.

Mobile Apps make you bar stand out from the crowd. Spending money on posters? your customers only see when they are already there:

Talk to Regulars

Send the best form of announcements for all your events, use push messaging with your app and your regulars will never have an excuse to miss an evening again. Your app works over and over again unlike a traditional ad.

Get Social in Style!

Did you know your customers can post and interact with their friends on the leading social media platforms! Your very own social media site for your bar within your app.

Make Your Events Stand Out

Let users notify others they are attending any event inside of your app. Announce events and let your customers advertise to their friends for you. Regular events are easy to manage with our content management system.

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Can your bar afford not to have one of our app? contact us now!

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