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Hair and Beauty Salon App

How a Hair and Beauty Salon App Can Help Your Business

Salons and proprietors within the hair and beauty industry can get a real boost to their sale from our apps.

We have fantastic ways for you as members of the hair and beauty industry to harness the power of our apps in a meaningful way.

– Take booking through your app, make it easy and convenient for your customers to see an available time and book it instantly. Best of all if you have Paypal installed you can receive payment before they arrive.

– Be proud of the work you have done show of your creations in a gallery, a great way for your customers to learn about you and your work as they meet up with friends.

– Booking not looking great on a particular day and you have a full team of staff in, not to worry why not use the push messaging facility to send out an instant offer to your customers direct to their phone.

This is just a selection of what our hair and beauty salon apps can bring to your business.

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